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Mystic Voices: The Story of the Pequot War, a 116-minute documentary for American Public Television produced by Mystic Voices, LLC, about the Pequot War of 1636-1638. Wiltonwood's Charles Clemmons, with Guy Perrotta, co-produced/co-directed and co-wrote the documentary and were awarded two Boston/New England Emmys® for the program. Charles also was editor and co-cinematographer, for which he was Emmy®-nominated for cinematography.

Visit the "Mystic Voices" website at http://pequotwar.com.

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River Lab: Environmental Awareness for All Seasons, a 30-minute documentary on a non-profit grassroots volunteer wetlands education organization that has provided environmental workshops for school children Fairfield, Connecticut, since the 1960s. Aired on Connecticut Public Television. Selected by the Neuse Riverkeepers Film Festival (Raleigh, NC); the EarthVision International Environmental Film Festival Santa Cruz, CA; and the Connecticut Film Festival.

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The Eleventh Annual North Texas Irish Festival and The Thirteenth Annual North Texas Irish Festival, document the third largest celebration of Celtic music, dance, and culture in the United States. Aired on Texas Public Television in 1993 and 1995, respectively. Presented by the Southwest Celtic Music Association, Dallas, Texas.

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